Essence of Light


Liquid crystalline light 
for energy balancing
with elegance & ease

The mission of
Essence of Light
Vibrational Elixirs 
is to provide gentle yet
supportive tools capable
 of enhancing one's process 
 of growth & expansion. Tools  
that can assist you in sustaining 
the resonance & foundation of
your changes until the new
patterns have
stabilized & 
become set.
We provide 
connecting links & 
extraordinary bridges
enhancing one's innate 
ability to self-heal, 
renew & grow 
with ease.

As you browse through the combination and single elixir titles you will find detailed descriptions outlining purpose, potential support & contents.  Invite your Higher Self & Guardian Angels to be present as you explore for possible selections. When asked, they will guide you to the elixir(s) providing the most beneficial frequencies to enhance your process of growth & transformation.  

Please note: There are gem elixir combinations & single elixirs not shown on the primary lists.  These are available upon request. If you have been guided to this site without locating what you desire, please contact us for specific information pertaining to additional products more customized to your radiance even if you aren't certain what they might be.       

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